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Super-Fast Defrosting Tray

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You have the mood to cook something delicious, but all your foods are in the freezer? Don`t worry! Quick defrosting is not a problem now! 

Introducing our new Super-Fast Defrosting Tray – the fastest and easiest way to defrost any food you need!

Super-Fast Defrosting Tray

Why it`s the best choice for you? – Because our new Super-Fast Defrosting Tray is:

🥩 Quick and natural – this defrosting tray allows you to defrost frozen food up to 3X faster than at room temperature. This tray will help you defrost fish, meat, poultry, or anything else that’s frozen. Thawing times will vary depending on the thickness of the meat but on average it will take approximately 60 minutes.
🥩 Healthy & energy-saving – it works without warm water, microwave, chemicals, or electricity. So the foods keep their original flavor and stay fresh. Just place the rapid defrost tray onto your kitchen counter, add your frozen food to the top of the defrosting tray and wait for several minutes for the magic to happen.
🥩 Fast – our tray defrosts frozen meat faster than other thawing trays. A smooth surface instead of a drip tray is easy to clean up so you can save time for leisure activities.
🥩 Non-stick – when meat and other foods thaw, some moisture develops there. Combined with the colder temperature of the food, it can cause the food to stick on the metal surface of the tray. This can make it difficult to remove the meat or other foods once it’s fully thawed. This nonstick coated defrosting tray makes it easier to remove your defrosted steak, chicken, or other food from the surface.

Super-Fast Defrosting TraySuper-Fast Defrosting TraySuper-Fast Defrosting Tray

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